Monday, 8 September 2008

Friday 5th September 2008 Annual General Meeting of SAP

Some of the members Today. We met to look at our work over the past year and to talk about the annual report and the accounts. The meeting was well attended and the members were in high spirits. All the nominations were in and the ballot papers had been printed. Because we were voting for new officers we asked an independent person to Chair for us. This is Paul, the old Chair, and Christine Bond who was our independent Chair for today. Christine is a supporting member of our group and helps us in our crafts and sales group. Christine opened the meeting and we ran through the standard business. It was then onto the Annual Report. This year the members had decided this would have more pictures and would show how much fun the sessions are. If there is demand we will put a copy up on this page, just let us know by email if you would like to see it. There was a lot of discussion and laughter when members remembered the activities and sessions that were in the pictures. The pictures of the Compass Groups visit to Clay Marsh last February showed how cold it had been that day, lovely sunshine but a north wind right off the sea. This picture of our stall on the Tuesday Market Place in Kings Lynn last November made people shiver. Then we came to the voting for new officers, this was to be done on ballot papers that had everyone's picture on them, people put a cross to vote. after everyone had time to vote the ballots were counted and here are our new officers. In front is Lily the Secretary, then left to right behind her is Peter the Chair, Shane the Treasurer and Paul the Vice Chair. Everyone clapped the new officers and thanked Christine for Chairing so well. The meeting went very well and people left excited about the coming year, there will be training sessions for the new Officers and there is a lot of work for the group with many new things starting and sessions getting bigger. Our next report will be from the Compass Group who are going on a nature trail to identify trees in Sandringham Forest next week. Come back for more pictures and reports soon.


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  2. hello there, i dont know if you can do that? i will find out. thanks for the comments.


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