Monday, 13 June 2011

Shane Malster

I am Shane Malster, chair of West Norfolk Self Advocacy Project. This is the first time i write the blog on my own. 
So what’s happened since the last blog? I have been team leader for the last Compass Group outing and I have written and done a trail round Lynn hoping that the group will like it. 
We have now in the garden with a small allotment to help us work and care for food. Let’s hope we can keep on going on the allotment and Ruth and Paul are working to make it go the right way.

With the rest of SAP everything is going well. Maths and English and badminton plus the meetings are all going strong. Maths, everybody doing well and hopeful to reach the top with another new member and three new members in English. No one has worries and we are enjoying it all the way.

Going back to the Compass Group we now done the trail I wrote. So the group has gone up in my eyes and they gave me good feedback on my trail and hopefully I can take the group out again within the next few months so good.

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