Friday, 27 July 2012

Here are some pictures from the out door classes we had in July. The weather was lovely and we could not stand to be in the hall so took ourselves to the park with all our books.

One of the lessons we did was on biodiversity, what is around us and what makes it healthy or sick. This linked in with our Maths classes and English and we also did the work on our Compass Group outings.

Here we had to hug a tree like hippies in the woods :)

We then had to find out what the tree was and describe how it felt and write something about this. Some of us cant write so we all worked together on it.

Here we are working out how high the tree is, you start off with you back to the tree and take normal paces forwards, counting how many as you go. You  then stop and bend over so you can look for the top of the tree, if you cant see it you take some more paces. Once you have gone far enough you will then know how high the tree is.

We all laughed so much and the maths was fun as well.

Here we are looking for bugs and insects, it was so hot that day all the bugs had buried themselves in the earth so we thought we should leave them alone.

After all the walking around we were tired and hot so we sat under a willow tree and chatted about what we had seen.

This was one of the best days we have had and so are going to do a lot more, we all had such fun and learned a lot as well. There was also a lot of walking so we all felt quite stiff at the end.

We all want to say thank you to our teacher, Claire, for doing this with us. We have never had a teacher who will run our classes wherever we want before and she is great.

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