Wednesday, 17 July 2013

A report from Shane

Since the last Blog I have to say the work has been going ever so well, everybody has been working hard and well

Maths has been up to the very high standard and people are getting ahead, the English is doing the same. The cooking group has been a great joy and success and we have put an extra hour on the end of that session so we have time to all sit together and eat the dinner we have cooked.

The Downham Market group has been and is going very strong, the founders are telling other people about the group and we will see what successes we have in the near future.

The Compass group is going well and it takes David a lot of time to work out the sessions and risk assessments and things like that. I am learning how to do these as well. We had one month where we did not go out because members had other group work to be getting on with, it is such fun and I am so happy that we now have lots of work that sometimes we have to change things around to help people, it is hard to use a diary and now I know why David has such a  big diary. I will need a bigger one next year rather than the little pocket one I have now. This makes me feel very pleased but it is hard work.

We are still doing the social and dinner stuff. We went out for a meal with Penny and Alex and we are going to have a summer BBQ and invite all our friends and other workers to come and eat with us, we will all cook for them so there will be some normal BBQ stuff but we will then  cook things that people like as well.

Now I have one of my poems for you. I hope you like it.

Shane Malster

Time is right, the place is now
come to me and tell me how
you run away with him
he is just a lucky jim

People help me run and hide
now you find me inside
please let me go
damn just say no

Heart of gold
brave and bold
now let me run away
for the next few days

When you find the love tonight
make it so right
love is so cool
you crazy old fool

Lets all say the time is right
for the people in the light.

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