Monday, 16 December 2013

6 Book Challenge at Downham Market Library

The amount of work was very hard but we have all done well, my heart runs wild and is full of all the fun we have had over the past few months.

Everyone worked well and even though some of us did not finish the challenge yet we will in the new year and then everyone will have a certificate.

Here are the pictures of the day.

 Here is me and Lily and Chris filling in the feedback forms, we had to think hard about what we wanted to say.

 This is Keith, our Downham Market supporter and volunteer. He works with us very well and we all say thank you to Keith for all his work. Here he is working with Robin on his papers and feed back form.

 This is Paul, each month he uses the computer and looks things up, he is very happy that there are films on so he can find thing out for himself.

 Here I am again with Paul and Jan from the library and Robin making sure everyone's names are spelled right on the certificates.

Here we all are getting our certificates in the library. we are all proud of ourselves and each other.

This course was very different to anything we have done in the past, we only met once a month and had to do all the work ourselves between the meetings. We helped each other out and we took responsibility for our own learning. If someone got stuck there was always help if you needed it and we would sometimes meet up and 2 or 3 of us would work together on our own. If things were too hard then David would help us as well.

We love to use the library and we love to work with the library staff, they know so much about the books and films and cd stories that it makes our hearts glad to visit them.

We loved working with Jan, she was so good at helping us and we hope she liked our work as well. We all want to say Thank You Jan, you have made this hard work so much fun and made us look forward to coming to see you every month. Happy Christmas Jan.

We have been so happy with the Downham group that we now visit lots of other libraries on our own and as a group and I found out that i could also join the library in Wisbech even though that is Cambridgeshire and not Norfolk. They have different books from the ones in Norfolk libraries.

We will be doing more in the new year and helping the people who have not yet got to 6 books, everyone should be done by the end of January so there will be more certificates in the February meeting.

We are now looking at our next lot of work, everyone says that it makes them swell with happiness to learn new things and to do this on our own and with David and the library. We will let you know what we get up to.

Happy Christmas and have a very good New Year from everyone at SAP
Love Shane.

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