Monday, 20 July 2015

A Sad Update and how we will fix it.

Hello everyone,

Shane and me were going to tell you all about the very good work we have done in West Norfolk because we have been working very hard and doing a good job helping lots of other people. But we got an email from the Clinical Commissioning Group telling us that they are not going to support us any more after our grant runs out in September.

We are all upset because we do lots of work supporting people in West Norfolk and it looks like the Clinical Commissioning Group are only interested in funding stuff in Norwich and we all in West Norfolk can all get stuffed. Because it doesn’t matter how hard we work or how good we are with managing our money or how many people in West Norfolk will have no one to help them and we all know that the handicapped like us are always at the bottom because those in power and holding the purse strings don’t care unless you have a personal budget.

This has all happened to us before in 2003 when people tried to close our group down and they failed that time and they are going to fail again. Last August the Clinical Commissioning Group forced us to become a registered charity and we take this very seriously and we have done lots of training about our responsibilities so this is what is going to happen.

We are going to have to make David, our worker, redundant at the end of July but we have talked to him about this and he will stay on as our adviser doing voluntary work. He did this for us for 7 months in 2003 and he says he will do it again to make sure we have some support. We will go on holding a weekly meeting every Friday in Kings Lynn and the other groups will carry on as normal while we talk about what else we can do. Keep watching our blog and we will write again.

Shane Malster, Chair and Paul Norman, Treasurer

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