Monday, 20 March 2017

Update, some of the things we did in Kings Lynn over the past year

Hello, we have been doing lots of things over the last year, our group in Lynn is getting bigger and the others are changing as people need different things and support. We thought it would be more fun to look at the pictures rather than have to read loads so here they are.

 we had a tea party where we cooked for each other

We had a fund-raising stall in Lynn last summer, this was fun and we will be doing more so watch out for us.

We still do lots of outings like going for lunch and Geocaching, this is great fun and everyone takes part.

We do lots of sport which is good for our health, we do this with Jan who is our coach.

We still do a lot of cooking, this is still one of the most important things we do.

At Christmas we went to the Circus at Great Yarmouth, this was fun and we had a nice bus ride and we had fish and chips when we got there.

Sam is learning how to sew, we are making bunting to sell for summer garden parties and picnics and some of the other groups are repairing and making their own clothes.

We had a stall at St Margaret's and people bought some of the things we made, some of our volunteers made things for us as well.

Jo is one of our volunteers and she is so good at working with us, she helps us to work things out for ourselves and she shows us new things. We like her a lot and thank her for all the work she does.

Marie is another one of our volunteers and she is brilliant, she is so good.

And just for fun we still do crafts and flower arranging and lots of other things so we can make our homes look nice but not have to spend loads of money.

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