Monday, 10 November 2008

SAP Delivers Training To Cultural Services

Lily Norman (Secretary)
My name is Lily and I have been with SAP since we started. I can train people and I do the training and I train others to do it too. I am very good at it. We were asked by Norfolk Council to do some training. The people coming to the training were all from museums and libraries. We did the training in Yarmouth at the time and Tides Museum. This is an interesting place and they let us look around but we are going again to spend a whole day there because its interesting. The place made us feel hungry because we could smell smoked fish.
Peter Dade (Chair)
David and Chris came and picked up Peter and me from my house, Peter stayed by mine because we had an early start at 6.45am. we drove to Yarmouth and got there at 9am. This gave us enough time to set up, and for me to run through with Peter what we were going to do – this was Peters first time training people on how they should work with people with learning disabilities and difficulties. We did very well and had lots of people at the training. We finished the day at 4pm and got to my house in Lynn at 6.30 – I was very tired so was Peter but we did a good job and I enjoyed myself and look forward to doing this again.
Chris (volunteer)
My name is Chris and I am a member of SAP and support Lil who has asked me to say a bit about the training day. We had nineteen trainees from Cultural Services, this was a very lively crowd and they all asked lots of questions. Below are a few of the comments taken from the evaluation forms. In response to the question why have you come to this training some people said – “To be able to deliver a more focused library service to people with Learning Disabilities; “To give me more confidence and be able to help people” “Improve awareness of and effects of special needs and disabilities” After the training people said “Very interesting. All the course leaders were well informed and good advocates” “Very interesting, thought provoking, well run, good discussions” “The course was great! It was very informative and gave me much more confidence in the library” It was a very good day, Lily is a very good trainer and has great courage talking about her life. It was good to see and hear Peter taking an active part as this was his first time. All in all a very interesting and enjoyable day.

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