Monday, 10 November 2008

2008 - SAP's 5th Birthday

2008 is our 5th birthday, we have been running all this time and sometimes we forget to celebrate. The Committee decided that this year we would let someone else do all the work and we would go to Pearl River, a Chinese restaurant in Kings Lynn. The date was set and we all met up outside, Maureen was the first there and the rest came not long after. The staff were very good, because we had not booked in advance they did not know we were coming, they asked us to wait on the settees next to the fish tank while they sorted out a table. The manager then asked us to follow him, the table they set up for us was wonderful. it was huge and round and had a lazy suzan in the middle so we could spin it around to get at any food we wanted. Everyone ordered drinks and the staff brought bowls of prawn crackers for us to eat while we looked at the menu. There were so many things to try and some of them we did not recognise at all so some of us decided to order small portions of lots of different things and share them. This was great fun and everyone dug in to try new food. We all talked about the past 5 years and how much hard work it had been but how we were all pleased that we had stuck with it and worked together. We all really enjoyed the restaurant and have said that we want to go back there for our Christmas Meal, we will ask the other members if they would like evening or daytime and we will then book because there will be even more of us. The staff are fantastic and are very helpful, the building is easy to get around and we had a wonderful time. Your should go there if you can.
Happy birthday to all of us!!

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