Monday, 26 April 2010


Apologies to everyone who has been following us, we have not said anything for a year.
We have had some interesting times with member changes, broken equipment and lots of work.
Equipment gets old and things break, we had been pushing our computer to the limit and it finally died, we all mourned its passing but at least everything was backed up. We have been running for quite a while now on borrowed equipment and it does show how fast things have moved on over the past 5 years. We are now looking for funding to get our own equipment and a decent internet connection, especially as now the wages and inland revenue all have to be done on-line.
We have also had some very sad times, one of our members, Gwen Cohen, fell seriously ill this last year and sadly died in March 2010. We all miss Gwen very much and send her friends and family all our sympathies.
On to happier things, we now have a group who will be writing articles and reports for our blog so things will be much more regular, you will meet them all over the coming months and there are a bunch of articles to go on over the next week. So keep on the look out for Shane, Val, Paul, Trevor and Robin.
See you soon.

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