Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Celebrating Ability

Hello, my name is Rose and I have been a member of SAP since we started I was one of the people along with Lily who set it up. David told us about the celebrating abilities that was going to be at the Lynn Corn Exchange and I wanted to be there. We took our display boards and put up pictures of all the different things we work at. We took some of the things that we make – bags, book covers, key rings and book marks. We laid them all out so that people could see what we do. We took lots of leaflets and gave these out. We had lots of people come and visit us and we talked to all of them. We enjoyed talking to all the women at Phobias and they liked and talked about the things we had made. I went around all the other stall and displays and I took one of our volunteers Chris, she has difficulty walking so I looked after her. We spent a long time talking to the people from PALs. I told them that Lily and I did a lot of work with PALs a few years ago and I want to do this again. Diana from PALs said that she would come to our stall and talk about this some more. We visited the stall run by Christine and David who are Disability Development Workers. Paul and Shane were already there talking to them because we do lots of work together with Christine. We visited the Mental Health Team and Heather Came and visited us and took lots of information away with her because we will do some work together. Shane and Chris spent a long time talking to the people at Body Works because Chris needs help with her arthritis and Shane wants to run the marathon and needs to get fitter. We really enjoyed the day and want to do this again, the people at the Corn Exchange were very nice and helped us a lot and made sure that we were happy and safe.

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