Thursday, 20 May 2010

Our Day at Lynn Sport Multi-Disability Sports Event, Paul Norman

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On Monday 19th of April we went to a Multi-Disability Sports Event at Lynn Sport in King’s Lynn. The purpose of the day was to give people with different disabilities a chance to try sports Lynn Sport provides to the local community.

Four of us from SAP went to the event; Shane Malster; Rosie Dade; David Richards and I. At 1pm we met Ellen Valient from Active Norfolk at Lynn Sport. She told us about the Sports that are available for us to join. We went to the badminton courts, where we met with the County Badminton Coach, Robin. There were four badminton courts. I partnered up with my friend Shane, SAP’s Vice Chair and Sports Coordinator. I had to tell Robin, the instructor, I had never played before. Robin showed me how to hold the racquet properly. There is a special way of holding the racquet that helps you to play better – even if you are a beginner! Shane and I had a badminton game. We had lots of fun and good exercise. We got hot but it was a laugh. David and Rosie also played. Robin showed us a game where we had to aim to bat the shuttlecock into numbered hoops laid on the ground. I was happy to hit my targets.

After badminton, we went to the Main Sports Hall where Ellen and Robin instructed us on the rules of curling and how to play it. This is the same as the Olympic sport played on ice. At Lynn sport the curls have small skate wheels on, so these go across the Main Sports Hall and not an ice rink. When Shane had a go, one of the little wheels came off and this was funny! When David played he bounced the curl off the wall to hit his target. To my surprise I won the game! I would love to carry on with curling as a sport.

We stayed at Lynn Sport until 3pm trying out sports and meeting the staff. When I got home I was tired and my legs were aching but I felt happy and positive about playing sports. I am now keen to go back and join Lynn Sport. This event had been the first time in my life I have had a chance to play sports. I am now a retired person, I now have a lot of time on my hands. The first few months at home were fine; but I now get very bored and do not go out as much as I would like. I miss meeting other people to have a chat and a laugh. I am going to ask my mates to meet me up at Lynn Sport so we can have a game and get some exercise.

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