Monday, 7 June 2010

Val Jones

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My name is Valerie Jones and I am a member of SAP and I work in the English and Maths class. I enjoy coming here and I get a lot of pleasure from learning new things. It has made me want to learn lots more and this is something I want to keep doing.

I like the group and I think they are all very nice, we have fun and sometimes the members wined me up but its all fun. I am getting married soon to Robin and I think this is going to be the best year of my life and I love Robin so much.

SAP makes me feel very happy, everyone helps each other and if I get stuck we all work together and the teacher will spend time with each of us until we understand what is happening and understand our work. I am going to go to the Compass Group on the last Wednesday of each month, the next trip is a history trail around Kings Lynn, the meeting after that is in Old Hunstanton because this is a very old part of Norfolk. This will be at the end of May.

Coming to SAP makes me feel very happy and I am doing lots more for myself and my confidence is getting much more better, I am going to keep coming. I do sometimes get very stressed out when I cant get a word right of if I cant get the sums right. But everyone spends time and helps me until I can do it. Soon I will be able help other people as well.

In the future I want to continue learning new things and I want to do more classes, SAP will be starting a new group in Downham Market and I am going to be the lead member for this, it will be very hard because I have not done this before but I think it will be good to learn this new job and I will work hard for the group. It will be good for me and will make me stretch my brain for new things.

I will write more for the blog when this new work starts and if I have anything else to say.

Valerie Jones

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