Monday, 7 June 2010

Robin Pearson

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My name is Robin Pearson I am a student part time, I have not been coming here for too long and now I am feeling better I like to come here, and I especially like to be the treasurer.

At the last AGM I said I would like to be an officer and the members said they wanted me to be treasure, I had never done this before but I was not worried about this because everyone supports each other and I knew I would not be on my own. I am enjoying this, I like meting other people all the other members are all right, they are very good, everyone helps each other. Claire helps me in my English class, I do stories and poetry, I also do films.

My hobbies are bird watching, going out with Val, going to the pictures, going to other clubs like bird club and the Peace of Mind.  the lady helps me at Peace of Mind, this is a free course and I like it a lot.

I left school at 15 and I did not learn much there, I have had lots of jobs but now I am 60 I am retired, its now nice to learn things that I didn't learn at school.

I am getting married to Val, I have known her for years and she is a good girl. We will get married in August this year and then we will get a house together.

I want to come on these courses, and I want SAP to do an archaeology course because I get an archaeology magazine and this very interesting. Me and Val go to the museum a lot and SAP will do things like this as well.

Robin Pearson

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