Friday, 15 July 2011



The Kings Lynn Self Advocacy Group went on an outing to Hunstanton.  Shane and I got on the bus at Kings Lynn bus station at 9.25am and arrived at Hunstanton Bus Station at about 10.15am and walked up to the White Lighthouse and met up with David and Rosie at 10.45am. 

Once we had met up we walked down to the beach. 

David allowed me to hold the GPS Machine, this is a machine that tells you how many feet you are from the box and which direction to go in.  Also if you have difficulty in finding the box as we did it will give you a description of where it is located, but sadly despite all the searching we did not find the box which is called Geocache.

After all our searching we decided to stay on the beach and have our lunch. Shane brought scones and pork pies, I brought some Skips and Hula Hoops and we shared it amongst ourselves.  After lunch we sat and had a chat about other meetings etc and then David asked us if we would like a cup of tea and we all said yes and walked back up to the Lighthouse Cafe and had a very nice cup of tea.  As David had to take his car to the garage in Kings Lynn he offered to give us a lift home.

A lovely day was had by all.

Written by Ruth Perrow

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