Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Geocaching at Sandringham

Today the Compass Group went to Sandringham Park, it was packed as the Flower Festival was on so we decided to ramble through the woods. David brought his GPS again so we went to look for a cache that was hidden in the trees. These are the pictures of our day.

We found the rough area using an OS map and compass, then it was time to switch on the GPS.

The trail took us into the woods searching for the right spot.

After some effort we found it!!!

And wrote in the log book and swapped some stuff from the cache.

Everyone said this was some of the best fun they had had in ages and want to do this lots more, we all said that geotrackeruk hid a very good cache and we hope they will do lots more, we looked on Dave's phone and saw that there are loads all around us so we will do this again.

We had a lovely day and say thank you to geotrackeruk.

Ruth, Paul, Lily, Shane and Rose.

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