Tuesday, 20 December 2011

So What Have We Done Over The Last Year.

English and Maths Classes are going well and we are all getting better and stronger each month.

The Compass group is again on a high and we have made our list for 2012, I will put this up so everyone can see the places and events we will do over next year.

The Allotment we started this year is now all quiet and we are putting together our planting plan for next spring. We want to do some flowers as well as food.

This year we did quite a few stalls, both selling stuff we had made and giving out information about our group. All these were very good and we thank Penny from the NCODP for putting on some pf them so we could meet with other groups.

In January we are staring a coffee Afternoon group in Downham Market, we are doing this with MENCAP and we all think this will be a very good thing. We like to work with other groups, its fun.

Our sports group has some new members and this runs on a Friday afternoon, we play badminton. We hope this will continue next year but have to wait to see what is going to happen about the money.

We all have high hopes for the new year and are looking forward to doing new work and working with new people.

Here is a poem I wrote.

The year has gone so fast,
I hope its not the last,
Christmas time is here you know,
When all the lights are out on show.

When I say to you,
Merry Christmas to all you too,
because will know to say tonight,
everything will be all right.

Merry Christmas I will say,
Just to make your day.
Happy New Year as well,
Let us ring your bell.

Hope New Year will bring us luck,
Not all fear and all that muck.


Shane Malster

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