Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Autumn 2015 Update

The Norfolk Clinical Commissioning Group(CCG) decided to stop our funding after forcing the group to become a registered charity so that, as they told us, the CCG would be protected. Shame that was not a two way street as being registered with Charity Commission may cause us additional expenditure. Previously WNSAP had been recognised and registered by the Customs and Revenue Services to the satisfaction of that service.

As a supporter and volunteer I have been asked by the Trustees of West Norfolk Self Advocacy Project to write a bit for the blog. So more about the group.

The members have held a lot of meetings to work out what they wanted to do. The first thing was to make sure that WNSAP continued to provide support to vulnerable people in west Norfolk, that is those who have learning disabilities and mental health issues. Members wanted to make sure that people who get no help or support from the Learning Disabilities Team at Social Services had somewhere to get help and support.

Since the NHS funding stopped we have had an amazing three months with:

  • an increase in people with disabilities calling for our services
  • an increase in family members and friends calling for our services
  • an increase in volunteers offering their help and support
  • an increase in support being offered by local businesses and companies
  • and of course our wonderful worker, David, who we were forced to make redundant continues to volunteer with WNSAP as the Senior Adviser

Once the word got around of how WNSAP has been treated by Norfolk NHS, the response has been wonderful with the increase in the volume of support.

For example a local gentleman dropped by to see for himself what we do because he had heard a lot about the group from a neighbour. He spent the whole session with us chatting to all the members there that day. When he left he made a huge donation to the group.

Another example is that two people who had previously visited the group said that they would set up and run a market stall for us at a Sunday fair, they paid for the stall and provided things for sale, ran the event and donated all the money raised to WNSAP.

Another example has been that a crafts group has not only donated materials for members to make things but has said that for the next year they will give us some of the things they manufacture for us to sell.

I hope that gives you some happiness at our survival. As there is so much good news and interest within the local community the members and supporters say that they will post on the blog more often.

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