Saturday, 21 November 2015

Our New Sweat Shirts From SamualJacks T-Shirt Shop

Here we all are, modeling our new sweat shirts. We got a fantastic deal from Samuel Jacks T-Shirt shop, you can see the things they do here;

Steve helped us to get exactly what we wanted and he did a wonderful job on our logo, this was hand made and the members wanted to make sure that it was sewn exactly as it had been drawn, Steve worked hard on these and we got an excellent finish. We are all so very happy so a very big thank you to Steve for all his work.

 Here we have Sam, Tina, Joanne, Paul, Des, Shane, Leisa, Helen and Kieran
All the same people except the third one is now Dave

Some of the other members did not want to be in the picture but they are now wearing the shirts around town.

We are also using these as a fund raiser to support the group and its work so if anyone would like one please talk to Dave

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